New Huddles Starting Soon!

Because of the importance of the new content Mike is sharing in his huddles and how well it has been received; he felt led to make room for a couple of extra Huddles so that he could share this exciting new innovative material with more leaders. They will be happening Tuesday @9am EST, Tuesday @10am EST and Wednesday @ 1pm EST  and there will be room for up to 8 leaders in each.

Sally will also be starting three new Huddles specifically aimed at wives of church leaders and church planters. In these Huddles Sally will invest in and help equip participants to better serve together with their partners and learn practical steps to create a healthy Family on Mission.

Sally’s available Huddle times are Monday 2-3pm EST, Monday 4-5pm EST and Wednesday 8pm EST

For more information please contact

MJB Team

About Mike Breen

As a speaker, author, and entrepreneur, I have been working throughout Europe and the US for the past 25 years. My passion is to continue to invest in the next generation of leaders, and one of the ways I have sought to do this is to write several books to help equip those working in the missional movement. Building a Discipling Culture, Covenant and Kingdom, and Family on Mission are a few of the most notable titles I have released.

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